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Maichel-Angelo® Isolator

The Maichel-Angelo® Isolator provide a dependable and long-lasting isolation point without leaving a permanent valve. The Isolator is similar in size to a standard flange and the laying length is compact, making it easily adaptable for your growing system. Our patented design allows internal surfaces to be free of corrosive fluid, giving them very long life. Compared to standard sewage valves which are known to perform poorly, offer a short life span and are expensive to replace when in a pressurized system. The Maichel-Angelo® offers longevity, performance and provides a backup when that time arises. The Isolator offers the ability to replace internal plates while pressurized, one to allow flow, another to restrict flow or one to isolate!

Maichel-Angelo® Isolators at this time offer 20”through 54”. These can be installed during construction for many purposes or can be added to an existing system to perform hot-tapping connections. Designed for Hot tapping butterfly valves, non-round plug-valves or making connections without leaving a permanent valve.

Happy New 100-Year Isolations.
Available Today! "Maichel-Angelo® 100-Year Isolators"
Another Patented Technology Directly from the Ditch.

This 42" Isolator is being used as a Butterfly Tapping Valve and is now headed for advanced coating and plating. Then onto our tapping process, leaving a standard Butterfly valve over a gate valve on shallow bury PCCP pipelines.

“MAICHEL-ANGELO valves are used for pipeline control and making new connections to pressurized pipelines. We provide Isolator valves in diameters of 20” through 54”. Please call: 800-279-5659 to order so we can help determine the best solution to solve needs.”

20" - 54" Isolators are now available. Our Patented flow-through port installs & removes under pressure leaving no pocket for debris. This process includes an insertable sealed port that when installed becomes a completion plug, allowing the temporary service isolator to be removed.
Butterfly-valve tapping • Plug-valve tapping • Valve-less connections • Long term Isolator • Temporary Isolator • Lightweight PCCP Tapping • Low Profile •

Isolator installation services provided by International Flow, Inc.
Maichel-Angelo® Butterfly/Plug Tapping & Butterfly Valve Inserting

Made in America • Assembled in America • Installed in America • AIS Compliant